The Ice Pressed ® Difference 
Each bottle of Rallis Olive Oil comes from small family owned groves scattered throughout the ancient lands of Southern Greece where “handpicked, organic, heirloom and non-GMO” are just how things have been done for thousands of years.
Ice Pressed ® Olive Oil is an exceptional step above standard cold pressed olive oil. As most cold pressed olive oil is heated during pressing, our process of making olive oil below zero (20x-30x colder than cold pressed olive oil) is a uniquely Canadian idea!


By pressing our olives so cold, Theo (engineer turned olive oil producer), creates a truly raw olive rich in nutrients, enzymes, oleocanthal, and loaded with vitamins.

As well as pressing our olives below zero, we ensure that the olives are organic, handpicked and pressed within hours of picking! And of course, our olive oil is unblended and unfiltered! Our finished product is put into vacuum sealed containers and only opened when we are ready to bottle or use the oil for our personal care products.