Several years ago, we hit the reset button on our lives. We walked away from our corporate careers & set out on an uncertain journey. It wasn’t always as we planned & there were many bumps on the road. But it led us to this VERY moment, and it was SO WORTH IT!

Our journey began with Theo returning to his family’s olive groves in the warm, beautiful Peloponnese region of Greece with his parents. Among our family’s ancient olive trees, he developed a new way to make olive oil. His new method produced delicious, nutritious, raw, green & refreshing olive oil!  

For several years, we spent our summers soaking up the sun, comradery & good vibes at farmer’s markets selling our olive oil. In the Fall, we returned to Greece for the olive harvest. 

While our business continued to grow, so did our young son’s sensitivities to soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, sunscreens and laundry detergent. We spent hundreds of dollars on ineffective “natural” products there were laden with chemicals. Frustrated & desperate to alleviate our son’s red, inflamed, itchy, scab ridden skin, the “ah-ha” moment happened. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

The healing benefits of olive oil have been well document since ancient times. We had access to 100’s of litres of healing, pure, unblended, unfiltered olive oil. Using our nutrient dense olive oil & other natural ingredients, I created skin products for our son. Soon his skin began to heal & he slept thru the night because he wasn’t itchy! It is impossible to articulate how happy Theo & I were about our son’s new-found health & his beautiful, clear, smooth skin.

I continued to experiment & make products for our daughter, extended family & friends. Soon we were making products for our regular customers, which led to us making products for everyone & selling them online! 

But none of this would be possible if it weren’t for Theo’s grandparents. From them we inherited a home in Greece, beautiful olive groves & a passion to help others.

Much love,

Jen Rallis